Sunday, 20 April 2014

About B and B

Welcome to Barrel and Bean, a new generation of beauty blog aimed at telling the truth. Firstly let us admit, we are avid beauty blog fans who will believe anything to get ‘that glow’, ‘that body’ and that ‘wholesome, instagram filtered lifestyle’. Secondly let us admit we have not yet reached any of these goals.
We have every respect for those vloggers and bloggers who spend their life and earnings buying and reviewing all things beauty. However we simply do not have the money, the time or the muji shelves to accommodate this. Instead, we periodically go on a wild rampage to splurge on unnecessary items that promise us the world.
Our aim is to report on such rampages as to what really works, what doesn’t and why we are more than miffed that we don’t look like something out of Made in Chelsea…more like the cast of Gogglebox. To put it simply, we are normal. We are a pair of very different gals. One oily as a mackerel, one dry as a bone. One tall, one short. One in an office (boring), one drifting through life (dossing).
Stand by for too many cleansing balms, clothes, useless scatter cushions and half arsed fitness. If your lucky we may even test some ‘healthy recipes’.

...Happy reading

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