Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lemon my cello

Happy Sunday everyone, 

this post is long awaited I'm sure as I promised it almost a whole month ago! My friends are probably sick to the back teeth of receiving limoncello as gifts but i am plundering on regardless! I have also infused some other alcohol but with less success - i will tell my tale if anyone cares.

Anyways time for some cheap vodka drink for your belly...

disclaimer: this takes a week to make so don't get too excited initially

70cl of vodka (any kind cheap is fine)
10 lemons
glass jars for infusing (i use Ikea ones - you know the sort)
glass bottle for presentation (again Ikea)
sugar (any kind it will dissolve) 
muslin cloth for straining (you can use a clean tea towel if no muslin)

Step 1: remove the peel from the lemons (try not to include the white pith) - you don't need the actual lemons or lemon juice - so think of some other recipe as not to waste, or keep them thinking you'll do this then bin them one week later like me.

Step 2: put the lemon peel and vodka into infusing jar and leave for minimum 5 days and maximum one month. 

One week later...

Step 3: the lemon vodka will now be a lovely yellow colour so strain through the muslin cloth into a bowl and throw away the peel as it will now be vodka flavoured so no use. 
Step 4: heat one cup of water with minimum half cup of sugar and maximum one cup (if you need more liquid to fill your final bottle then use more water and sugar accordingly). Once sugar is fully dissolved add this to the lemony vodka (in your final glass bottle) mix all together then leave for one day ...

then drink! limoncello is great on its own over ice or put into prosecco or soda water - just lemony goodness...

Love Bean


  1. I am definitely going to try this out one day!
    It's a great idea and I can just imagine how nice it tastes!

    I love your blog and so I've nominated you to complete the Liebster award :)


  2. so cool :)

  3. Sounds interesting, I need to try this it even looks good! X

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