Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beauty, Belly, Big Fans of #2

Round 2 - hope everyone has has a good week and isn't resenting getting back to work after the bank holiday weekend! Here are some thoughts to get you smiling ...

You can sniff Lush shops from 20 furlongs away because they smell like a bunch of pungent flowers has mated with the fruit and veg aisle. I held my breath and ventured in because I wanted a face mask. I'm pretty sure every product you buy despite ingredients has been infiltrated by the Lush trademark smell. I opted for 'The Sacred Truth'- anti ageing because being in my twenties I thought this was essential. 

In fact, it was the only one that didn't look like porridge or another brown concoction. It makes me look like the witch from Wicked and has no lasting effect on my visage. It's fun, I guess, and doesn't aggravate my skin, being oily it has a slightly drying effect. The best thing is the tightening effect whilst it's on I feel that my lines are being stretched into baby soft skin. Won't re purchase - will be sticking to the £1 sachet numbers because... They do the same thing ! 

Ice cream for fatties who don't like feeling guilty! So I am keen to try anything that tricks my stomach that it's bad for me, when in fact, it is the opposite. In and effort to inspire/guilt trip myself into doing exercise I follow many a clean eating Instagram pages. For any of you who haven't yet stumbled across these - imagine a page with alternating posts of beautifully toned abs, fruit salads and protein shakes. This is how I found cheat's ice cream. I am honestly not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life. All you will need is a magimix resembling blender (the kind with a bowl and a decent blade), ripe bananas, honey, peanut butter and raw cacoa powder.

1. slice your bananas and put in a zip and seal bag. put these in the freezer for about 5 hours (or overnight).

2. remove from freezer and put in the magimix. Here's a tip...allow them to defrost a wee bit so they aren't quite like ice cubes. Otherwise you have a very tense moment when you think you may have broken your £250 magimix as bullet like banana slices batter the blade. If you have cheap blender then whack them on in there...who cares?!

3. to the bananas add 1 tbsp peanut butter (eat a spoonful to check it's good quality...), 1 or 2 tbsp of honey (up to you) and as much cacao as you would like depending on chocolate preference.

4. blend away! keep on blending until the mix resembles creamy beautiful ice cream...honestly it does, literally like magic. If you have an element of self control put the mix in the freezer and serve as and when you need an ice cream fix. Or if you are like me...whip out the blade (safety first) and devour the entire bowl full.

Top tip is to use really ripe bananas for maximum flavour!


Big Fans of...
Britain's got talent - JOKE - my Saturday nights are now ruined by a show that could be condensed into 20 mins. A genuine big fan of Vera on Itv Sunday at 8pm - yes I have the taste of a 68 year old and yes I have a penchant for murder mysteries - but I'm content with that! 


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