Monday, 5 May 2014

Bloody cheap foundations

Evening all,

I have oily, semi-spotty and newly dry in patches skin - blackheads that immediately re-appear after removed. It's not as bad a picture as I have painted, if you met me you would not be offended by my skin, but me and my x10 mirror notice things others don't.

I haven't found any high end foundation that I love, I hate having a make up caked woman try several colours on me, and despite my protests, trying to convince me I am not in fact the palest colour - I ALWAYS AM! So I shall stick to drug store foundation for the mean time and here are my favs (slight coincidence they are also the cheapest!)

1 - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
I wear 100 Ivory, and I really like this foundation! It is well reviewed and rightly so. Goes on really light and using a small bit will even give you a tinted moisturiser effect. It is as sparkly as a shimmery eye shadow but I think that is okay for the summer and definitely gives you the elusive "dewy" look.

2 - Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (old bottle) 
This has ALWAYS been in my make up collection (for 6 years?!) it is a great every day foundation, no orange tints and controls my shine and so cheap, bloody love it - go and buy it! Has anyone used this from the new bottle - be keen to hear how it compares.

3 - NYC all day long foundation 
 Bought this little number because it was on a deal in Superdrug and think I paid £2.99?! It is a heavy coverage foundation - do not use if you have nothing to cover! It also smells naaaaasty, kind of like a fishy white wine? Smell fades once its on, so nothing too horrendous for the price. All in all, it lasts and is a really pale colour, great for a night out. And FYI I wear 737 classic ivory - have you noticed an ivory theme?

4 - Nivea BB Cream
NOT A FAN! It says it is a light colour, it's not. Upon opening the bottle I saw an orange cakey colour, maybe this is better if you have a tan, I don't, so it made me look like an orange chav. It smells AMAZING, like all Nivea products, and maybe I'll retry it once I am a bit more tanned, but pale kids do not buy this!

5 - Garnier BB Cream
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Smells amazing, lovely light coverage doesn't turn orange, like your skin but better. Obviously not as much coverage as the foundations but if I'm on a good skin day this is the way forward - use a moisture full primer and you will glow all day!

Hope this has helped, cheap foundations are a minefield, and I do not have enough time or money to buy posh ones! 

Bean x


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