Friday, 2 May 2014

Beer in my hair

I spend endless money on shampoo and other hair potions to give me the instant shine, volume and thickness we all crave. But recently I gave up with this and resorted to buying Alberto Basalm for near enough free - convincing myself it made no difference.

As well as having slippery skin I also have oily hair - painting a picture of attractiveness! Although I am blessed with thickish straight hair i was soon consumed with YouTube blogs and an overriding feeling that I must buy more hair things ! At the end of the month when I am always in my graduate account overdraft I'm not going to try out Bumble and Bumble - (although almost was conned into the salty spray which surely is just salt water ?!). Instead I went with the grandmas favourite ... Anelco Beer.

The previously popular Linco beer was discontinued but Superdrug soon brought out Anelco Beer in pretty much the same packaging - methinks it's the same thing. And I bloody love it! So many good things 

1- it's cheaper than a bag of chips
2- shampoo and conditioner - the lazy girls dream 
3- I feel like I'm being organic and helping the environment (I'm not)
4- my hair gets uber volume ! 
5-  I've been washing my hair less and I look less like a greaseball on non wash days - meaning I don't have to pull my hair back into a 90s sporty spice number.

Not so lovely things...

1- Okay so it doesn't smell amazing - I won't be wafting my hair in people faces so that's not such an issue.
2- using a shampoo and conditioner makes me feel like I'm camping

Apparently you can also just put beer on your hair but then you really would smell and having your colleagues smell a tinge of alcohol on you is never good.

Let me know if you like the shampoo- or think I'm talking codswallop! 

Friendly fist bump,


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