Thursday, 29 May 2014

Beauty, Belly and Big Fans of #4

Hi there, here is this week's useless snippet of our lives.
I went to a wedding recently (weddings are officially my favourite hobby now) and thought what better opportunity to use one of those products that I had set aside for 'a special occasion' - along with a multitude of glittery body lotions. I received the Anatomicals - Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Under Eye Patches in a Glossybox (more to come on these boxes of genius). They promise to reduce dark circles and eliminate puffiness and are enriched with moisturising agents. As well as preventing the signs of under eye ageing. Being a dehydrated skin gal I leaped for joy upon reading this. 

I'm not sure they do achieve all these goals however they a bloody good fun to put on. Like little slippery jelly fish hanging out on your face. I used them for 30 minutes before applying my make up. They definitely woke my eyes up, and the skin did appear slightly brighter. I'm not sure they were moisturising enough for me but for anybody who suffers from puffy eyes these are perfect! 

I would recommend them for a relaxing pick me up when you are about to hammer your face with lotions and potions for a big night out - or even after! 

So I decided to go on some weird health kick - but obviously I still want chocolate - so I went a googling to find a low fat low calorie brownie recipe - this one promised me the world. (You'll find it if you google it involves; oats, cocoa powder, fake sugar, greek yoghurt, baking powder and some milk). 

DO NOT MAKE this - it was horrendous - I ate the corner as you can see then put it in the bin! It looked like it was doing well in the oven but it tasted like poop, not sweet chocolate porridge. My advice - eat a full fat brownie and move on, this one will scar you!

Big Fans of...
Twittering tweeting and twooting! It's so exciting getting involved in the beauty bloggers' chats. I have never been a huge fan of twitter personally but now I can see how addictive it is! So many little gems to be picked up on here. If you haven't already found us, here we are...@barrelandbean 

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