Friday, 23 May 2014

Beauty, Belly and Big Fans of #3

Hello there all! I hope you are enjoying the drastic improvement in British weather as much as us. I have already managed to spend 20 minutes in the sun and gained a shameful t-shirt tan/burn line...let the vicious circle of attempting to correct tan lines while creating worse ones begin! aka summer (for some not entirely keep your peepers open for the fake tan blog coming soon. Here's what we've been loving this week...

Time for a rant about my dry skin that resembles a grape found at the bottom of the fruit bowl whe i don't drink any water. I have a classic case of dehydrated skin. I try my best to drink water and I do notice the difference when I do. However there are times when I literally forget because I can't fit fifteen wees into one day. All concealer and foundation seems to apply gloriously, but when I get home I look in the mirror and do a big sigh. It tends to highlight any fine lines and generally appear matte in the wrong way. 

So after much viewing of make up tutorials for varying skin types, a general all round favourite seems to be Bobbi Brown - Creamy Concealer. I went in to the shop (in duty free...bargain!) and had it properly colour matched. They do one with a setting powder but it came up a bit yellow on my skin so i ended up going with a rose toned one. AMAZING. I live for it. It lasts and very little goes a long way, i feel this little compact (with mirror...excellent) will be my friend for a long while yet!


In a bid to be healthy I picked up a GIANT bag of kale (not influenced by the fact it was reduced to 30p). After trying to eat it by boiling, using in a risotto and mixing it with mash - it still tasted bland and like it was healthy. So I went a googling and decided to make kale crisps and they were AMAZING and still healthy. Here is how I did it...

1- buy kale
2- make sure you buy pre cut kale (if not cut out all the biggish stalks leaving the leaves)
3- put in a mixing bowl and use a tablespoon or so of any oil (I used vegetable) 
4- salt the leaves, add any other flavours you want - eg, black pepper, lemon, paprika and so on 
5- spread out on a baking tray and bake at 180 until crispy!

Word of warning do NOT open the oven when they are cooking, kale smells like rotting seaweed when cooking, never an appetising smell. 


Big Fans Of...
Why has no one told me that Forever 21 exists? Ventured in today and amidst disco hot pants (you did not misread that) and 57 varieties of crop top there are some gems. 

Now I don't have any thing exciting to show you as I was on my own and attempting to buy clothes to make me 'cool' and 'edgy' without Barrel's stern words means like I end up looking like the weird theatre kids at uni. But I did buy leggings for £3 - who can hate on that! And a makeup bag along with £7 jeans stretchy enough so I can wear them all month long!


Hope we made you smile...

Barrel & Bean

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